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Everyone enjoys Spofford Lake. It's a jewel and remains such thanks, in part, to state regulations enforced by a number of NH agencies. 

Below is a short listing of state departments you can contact concerning frequently asked questions:

Sand Regulations:

NH Dept of Environmental Services ( DES) 

603 271-2147

Dock Regulations:  NH Marine Patrol  603 293-0091


Swim Lines: Marine Patrol  603 293-0091

Boating Regulations: NH Marine Patrol based in Keene 

603 293-2037


Fish and Wildlife: NH Fish and Game based in Keene   

603 352-9669


            Here are the most common Lake subjects

D  DOCKS on NH lakes require a permit and must conform to size and position requirements. See the DES Fact Sheet, 'Permitting of Fresh Water Docks' at the bottom of the page and the DES website at


Sand: You must obtain a permit from DES to add sand to the shoreline. It is prohibited to add sand to the lake A project involving beach sand replenishment must qualify for PBN approval.

Here are some of the requirements outlined in Rule Wt 303.04 (aa):

Replenishment of sand on an existing nontidal beach provided:

1. No sand shall be placed below the normal high water line or full pond elevation;

2. No work shall be conducted in or adjacent to a prime wetland;

3. No more than 10 cubic yards of sand shall be used; and

4. Beach replenishment can not exceed the limit of one replenishment every 6-yr



Call Environmental services  603 271-2147
A seasonal personal watercraft lift will qualify for PBN only if it meets all of the requirements.

The personal watercraft lift is:

1. Installed immediately adjacent to a dock, in a legally existing boat slip, or if there are no other personal watercraft lifts on the frontage, a maximum of two lifts installed immediately adjacent to one another and along the owner's shoreline.

2. Removed during the non-boating season.

3. Located at least 20 feet from an abutting property line or the imaginary

 extension of the property line over the water.

4. Located on a parcel of land that has at least 75 feet of shoreline frontage.

5. Installed in a manner that creates no impacts.


Below are basic state guidelines. Unless a swim line variance is requested and approved, no swim line shall be placed beyond the point where the depth of water exceeds six feet or a distance from shore of 50 feet, whichever occurs first.

go to http://www.nh.gov/safety/divisions/ss/marinepatrol/documents/formsswim.pdf or

BOATING LAWS and regulations are enforced by the NH Marine Patrol based in Keene. Contact 603-293-2037 for details.