Spofford Lake Association
Core Sediment Analysis

To better understand the importance of performing a Core Sediment Analysis, please read the conclusions on pages 16 & 17 of FB Environmental's Water Quality Analysis of the Spofford Lake Watershed (attached below). The Spofford Lake Watershed Management Plan's 1st Objective is to "Investigate the cause of low dissolved oxygen in Spofford Lake".

-The Report concludes that Spofford Lake's water quality is "impaired for aquatic life use due to low dissolved oxygen" and that, among other recommendations to improve water quality, monitoring, a 'core sediment' analysis be done.

-One outcome of such an analysis is to "develop a scientifically robust paleolimnology record of Spofford Lake and its watershed that helps in decision-making for many years to come." 
-We don't know why the Lake's dissolved oxygen (DO) has declined so dramatically over the past several decades. We believe that the Core Sediment Analysis will provide answers which, in turn, will generate actions to halt if not reverse this condition.  
-For the first time, we'll have some science upon which we can base our actions.
-The cost of this project is approximately $12,000. Work will be done by Dr. Lisa Doner and her staff at Plymouth State University and by commercial labs. 
- The cost of this analysis was funded by additional contributions from SLA members. 
-Core Samples were taken by Dr. Doner and her team on October 20, 2018. See the pictures below

A more complete description of the Sediment Analysis Project listing the project's four major deliverables is attached below.