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Chesterfield Zoning Board’s Decision could Allow Cluster Housing on Spofford Lake
A rehearing on this issue will take place on March 18 at the town office building at 7:00pm.
We urge you to attend
The Chesterfield Board of Selectmen stated that the town’s Zoning Board of Adjustment (ZBA)  Board did not act in the community’s best interest and voted to appeal the ZBA’s approval of this development.   
The Spofford Lake Association’s position on this issue is:
a)  To support the existing zoning rules and regulations in the Spofford Lake District and strongly oppose any variance for any future cluster development,
b)  To oppose the Chesterfield ZBA’s approval of the variance requested by 9A LLC, as it is contrary to the townspeople’s vote to restrict such a development
c)   To endorse the action of the Chesterfield Board of Selectmen to oppose the ZBA’s variance decision as it follows on the citizens decision and supported by the Supreme court .
For more information and see Steve McGrath letter to members, go to the ‘News & Events’, section at the right.

Our Annual Meeting was a great success in part due to the contributions of some of our members and local merchants which are listed in the 'News and Events' tab to the right. Please support these business. They help us help you.

Also under 'News and Events' read about the decision to allow the development on the Spofford Hall site to go forward.

The Mission of the Spofford Lake Association (SLA) is to protect, enhance and sustain the ecological, environmental and recreational character of Spofford Lake and the surrounding watershed. 

The Spofford Lake Association is a registered 501(c) (3), non-profit organization.

The SLA is an all volunteer organization which welcomes everyone to support our mission. 

Please join us and, if you can, volunteer for one of the projects listed below. SLA has no staff with the exception of 7 ‘Lake Hosts’ who are hired to inspect boats at the ramp. In 2018, the SLA had 197 dues paying members. 

Current projects/actions: All programs, projects and actions are focused on improving and or sustaining the Spofford Lake Watershed’s water quality. 

  1. Under a 2018 grant from NH Department of Environmental Services (DES), a comprehensive ‘Spofford Lake Watershed Management Plan’ was created “to improve the water quality of Spofford Lake”. The Plan makes a number of recommendations which the SLA, along with other community groups, are undertaking. (See the ‘Watershed Management Plan’ tab on the right.) 
  2. To prevent invasive aquatic species, such as Eurasian Milfoil, from fouling the lake, the SLA’s  Lake Host Program inspected 4890 boats entering the lake in 2018. The local cost of this was $19,927 of which $6,000 was contributed by the Chesterfield Conservation Commission. 
  3. Water Quality Testing is done 3 times each summer by SLA volunteers. DES uses the resulting data to define the actual and relative health the the lake. The 2018 cost of this program was $4,180. (See the ‘Water Quality Report’ tab at the right).
  4. By swimming along the Lake’s entire shoreline several times each summer, SLA ‘Weed Watch’ volunteers work to prevent invasive plants from gaining root. 
  5. Each Fall, the SLA retains an environmental consulting firm to examine the lake for invasive plants and species. The cost of this program was $845 last year. (See the ‘Vegetation Survey’ tab on the right).
  6. Last Fall, the SLA retained a team from Plymouth State University to take and analyze lake bottom sediment samples.  Results will help us understand why the Lake’s dissolved oxygen levels and therefore water quality, have declined.  This analysis will be completed in early summer and will cost $12,000.  (See the“Core Sediment Analysis’ tab to the right). 

Future projects/actions: The SLA plans to operate, fund and complete the programs listed above, assuming the continued financial and volunteer support of the community and our members.

  1. The ‘Spofford Lake Watershed Management Plan’ lists 74 recommendations and action items to improve the Lake’s water quality (see pages 34-40 of the Report). Completing these items will require work from the SLA, many volunteers, the Town of Chesterfield and property owners. To help defray some of these expenses, the SLA is hoping to receive a 319 Grant from the EPA through DES. We’ll receive word on this shortly. 
  2. In the meantime, the SLA is organizing now to tackle the Plan’s recommendations. A Steering Committee is assigning and prioritizing projects. The SLA needs and welcomes volunteers to help with these projects. If you are interested in helping or you know someone who might be so inclined, please use the ‘Contact Us’ tab to the right. 




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