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Chesterfield Zoning Board’s Decision could Allow Cluster Housing on Spofford Lake
A rehearing on this issue will take place on March 18 at the town office building at 7:00pm.
We urge you to attend
The Chesterfield Board of Selectmen stated that the town’s Zoning Board of Adjustment (ZBA)  Board did not act in the community’s best interest and voted to appeal the ZBA’s approval of this development.   
The Spofford Lake Association’s position on this issue is:
a)  To support the existing zoning rules and regulations in the Spofford Lake District and strongly oppose any variance for any future cluster development,
b)  To oppose the Chesterfield ZBA’s approval of the variance requested by 9A LLC, as it is contrary to the townspeople’s vote to restrict such a development
c)   To endorse the action of the Chesterfield Board of Selectmen to oppose the ZBA’s variance decision as it follows on the citizens decision and supported by the Supreme court .
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This Thursday, August 16th, the SLA & SWRPC are hosting an important meeting. Please attend if you are able...Refreshments will be served!

What: We’ll Review: FB Environmental's “Water Quality Analysis of the Spofford Lake Watershed” . We'll discuss the
'Threats & Solutions to Protect & Improve the Spofford Lake Watershed'.

WHY: You’ll help develop the action plan for the Spofford Lake Watershed

WHO: You, your neighbors, The Spofford Lake Association, SWRPC & FB Environmental Associates

When: This Thursday, August 16th @5:30 pm

Where: Chesterfield Town Hall

What Else: Refreshments will be served!

This is a great opportunity for you to learn about the work that has been done. You will also share in the development of the action plan.  We need your input to make this a success, so please join us.

Questions? Email the SLA  at 'News@spoffordlakeassoc.org'. (See the 'Contact Us' section on the right) or call Bayard Tracy at 603-828-2916 or Lisa Murphy at SWRPC at ‭(603) 357-0557‬

This presentation is part of an outreach campaign by the Spofford Lake Steering Committee which includes representation from the Spofford Lake Association and the town of Chesterfield, NHDOT, NHDES, SWRPC and others. 

For more about the Spofford Lake Steering Committee and to read FB Environmental's 'Water Quality Analysis Spofford Lake Watershed, see the section noted in the right column.

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