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Chesterfield Zoning Board’s Decision could Allow Cluster Housing on Spofford Lake
A rehearing on this issue will take place on March 18 at the town office building at 7:00pm.
We urge you to attend
The Chesterfield Board of Selectmen stated that the town’s Zoning Board of Adjustment (ZBA)  Board did not act in the community’s best interest and voted to appeal the ZBA’s approval of this development.   
The Spofford Lake Association’s position on this issue is:
a)  To support the existing zoning rules and regulations in the Spofford Lake District and strongly oppose any variance for any future cluster development,
b)  To oppose the Chesterfield ZBA’s approval of the variance requested by 9A LLC, as it is contrary to the townspeople’s vote to restrict such a development
c)   To endorse the action of the Chesterfield Board of Selectmen to oppose the ZBA’s variance decision as it follows on the citizens decision and supported by the Supreme court .
For more information and see Steve McGrath letter to members, go to the ‘News & Events’, section at the right.




What's New this Fall & Winter?

1. Lake Core Sediment Analysis

-Take a look at the 'Spofford Lake Watershed/Water Quality Report' that was done by FB Environmental Associates (see tab'Water Quality Rpt 8/18 ) which concludes:
-That, among other recommendations to improve water quality monitoring, a 'core sediment'analysis be done.
-A Core Sediment Analysis would: 
-Provide important historical data, especially with regard to organic matter, 
-Analyze total organic matter and elemental concentrations,  
-Show changes in the types of sediments accumulating in the lake over time, and 
-Show whether or not the organic material is primarily coming from soils or from algal matter and if the inputs are continuous or episodic. 
-To Accomplish this:
  - The SLA Board retained Lisa Doner, Ph.D. and her student team from Plymouth State University's Center for the Environment. -Core samples of the lake's bottom were taken on October 20th. -We expect to receive the results in the Spring. 

(For more information, go to the 'Core Sediment Analysis' tab on the right.)

2. '319' Grant 

-The SLA is working with the Southwest Regional Planning Commission to secure a grant which will fund actions to improve the water quality of the Spofford Watershed
-The next step is to submit a 'Watershed Management Plan' which has been drafted by FB Environmental and is under review by the Spofford Lake Steering Committee (see tab at the right)
-The Plan includes specific quantitative water quality goals and objectives. It identifies specific 'pollutant source(s)' and presents an implementation strategy and recommendations. 
-Work will continue on the application throughout the fall and winter. The grant will be awarded in the spring of 2019.
-The grant is
 funded by the NH DES through a federal grant from the USEPA Clean Water Act section 604(b).  The Southwest Region Planning Commission is the recipient of the grant to perform the work. has subcontracted with FB Environmental, Inc.

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